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Mirror X Booth

Our main attraction - the Mirror X Photo Booth.

The top of the line in terms of Photo Booths, the Mirror X offers nearly endless options when it comes to customization and features! Explore some of the features and options below, or check out our samples page to take a look at some of the photos our

Mirror X has taken at past events!

Interactive Touch Screen

From starting the Photo Booth experience, to selecting a custom frame, your guests are fully in control. The Mirror X sports a crystal clear, built-in, fully interactive touch screen!

Mirror X Booth, Photo Booth, Touchscreen Photo Booth

Glam + B&W Filters

Going for that old-fashioned Black & White look? Or maybe you're looking to add a little magic with a glam filter? Easy. The Mirror X provides options for both filters, and more!

photo booth samples, photo booth backdrop, glam filter, beauty filter


Not only do we deliver all of your photos with and without your custom frames, but the Mirror X also provides the option to deliver GIFs of your photos! Texted or emailed right to your guests in real time - and ready for Social Media!

Fully Custom Experience

Almost all other Photo Booth providers purchase their "custom" frames and animations from Third Party Vendors. So they tell you your experience is custom when really, they're only dragging and dropping your name into a template they purchased online... Not Reflect!

We create all of our animations and frames from scratch, in house! This means your entire Photo Booth Experience will match your event or branding seamlessly!

custom photo booth overlay

Real Time Sharing

Every time a photo is taken, your guests have the option to text or e-mail them directly to themselves in real time! Meaning not only do they get a printed copy to take home, but a digital to post with your wedding hashtag!

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